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SARJ publishes ten open access international journals. The Journals are carefully selected from diverse area of academics. All articles published in the different journals adhere to the highest standard of peer review and engages established and emerging scholars from anywhere in the world. We invite you to submit your manuscript(s) for publication to any of the listed Journals relating to you field:-


 » SARJ of Biosciences and Medicine
 » SARJ of Education and the Arts
 » SARJ of Engineering
 » SARJ of Environmental Science
 » SARJ of Business and Management
 » SARJ of Physical Sciences
 » SARJ of Social Sciences
 » SARJ of Agricultural Sciences
 » SARJ of Computational Science and Artificial Intelligence
 » SARJ of Renewable energy and Sustainability



Submit your manuscript(s) for publication to any of the Journals in your field as e-mail attachment to the catchall address: . A manuscript ID will be emailed to the corresponding author within 24 hours after submission.


All articles are subject to a rigorous peer review process which is regarded as the best test of scholarly credibility in the academic world.



SARJ provides a fast and professional peer review system run by a team of experienced professional editors for all her various Journals. Since our publication process is primarily online, the time between when a paper is submitted, reviewed, accepted and published is minimal; Therefore providing a rapid but quality publishing process.

As it is our tradition to send out weekly newsletters to our subscribers on articles published by SARJ, your work will have the advantage of a wide possible audience and the chance of being downloaded and cited more frequently.

Our in-house editing will serve to assisting Authors (Including Non-English speaking) to provide papers in a concise and professional manner and will not totally modify your paper to be conventional to house style.



SARJ is also accepting applications for the position of reviewers. Those chosen for this volunteer position read and provide substantial feedback about manuscripts submitted to the Journals in the different fields as a part of a three person review team. Reviewers will edit between 4-6 manuscripts each year. Reviewers will normally serve for a two to three year period upon selection. No previous experience with a journal is required just an interest and demonstrated skill in writing and research in his/her area. The Journals seek for people with a variety of skills and backgrounds on the editorial boards.


To be considered for a Journal reviewer position, please submit the following requirement:

1. Letter of intent that discusses your interest and the special skills or abilities you could contribute in this role (research methods, content knowledge, etc.)

2. Resume or curriculum vitae.

Letters of intent and resume should be submitted electronically to . 


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