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What is SARJ?


Scholarly and Academic Research Journals (SARJ) is an open access online publishing and repository organization designed with the purpose of bringing research and other related information in modern discoveries available to academics and other users free of charge.


Our Mission


At SARJ, we are driven to promote research development by making them available, accessible and usable to the global academic community and the world at large without barriers.


SARJ's Focus and Scope include:


To publish research in a manner that makes it accessible, available and usable to the global academic community and the world at large;


To promote and encourage the reporting of formal and informal research by practitioners;


To publish papers presented in conferences, symposia and workshops;


To promote the use and understanding of quality research methods;


To raise awareness of new tools, books and funding opportunities for research;


To provide an overview of research activity and developments in Africa, Americas, Asia and the entire globe;


To create a repository body and digital library of all research in universities that cannot be accessed across the globe;


Scholarly and Academic Research Journals would encourage publication of high quality research that add value to the human society.

SARJ's publications are indexed in leading index bodies across the globe.



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